The Hotel

A jewel of the Aegean sea

Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa is named after an old alias of the island of Astypalaia. According to historical records, the local habitants called the island "Pylaia" because of its morphology, especially the many coves surrounding its shoreline, also known as "Pyles" (gates). Situated in the beautiful picturesque town of Chora, only 200 meters from the central square, where the preserved nine windmills arranged on the hilltop, dominate the landscape . It is built on a slope in an area of 2 acres with panoramic views over the Aegean Sea and the bays of Aichyli, Agios Konstantinos, Papou and Tzanaki. Just 300 meters away is one of the most beautiful and organized beaches of the island, Livadi.

The hotel's design is in consistence with the traditional architecture of Astypalaia, while its style is abstract and modern, with impressive combined spaces and the dominant presence of white. Comfort, functionality, discretion and respect for the environment are our key guidelines that all guests enjoy. The hotel complex consists of the main building, that hosts the essential facilities (reception, Plori Bar Restaurant Spa, Eva Gift Shop, fitness room) and five smaller buildings, which house a total of 27 luxurious rooms and suites.

Additionally, special attention has been given to preserve the environment and the harmonious integration of the complex into the landscape. Familiar materials were used such as wood, sailcloth and white gravel for shading and heat insulation in order to avoid excessive energy usage. Sunlight is a key element of the architectural design, so that by using it, every space and room can be comfortable without the use of electricity. Also, we carefully recycle solid and liquid waste, and we only use environmental friendly cleaning products.